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Notebook BatteryInfo 1.4

A taskbar application that shows the realtime status of your laptop battery
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Notebook BatteryInfo improves the capabilities of the operating system on your mobile computer. The program displays the notebook battery values (i. e. remaining battery capacity) in the Windows Taskbar. The red marked area is a component of Notebook BatteryInfo which is inserted into the Windows Shell. The component is called Taskbar BatteryInfo. It is placed in a small icon left beside the Taskbar Icon area. The battery symbol can display additional information like current power consumption or the remaining time.
Notebook BatteryInfo can also hide the operating system Battery icon. Since Notebook BatteryInfo has a more expressive battery info, there is no need for the Operating System Taskbar icon anymore.
There are two elements of Taskbar BatteryInfo.The first element is the Battery Symbol and the second one is the Energy Icon.
Notebook BatteryInfo is designed specially for notebooks. It will work even on a stationary PC but most desktop PCs will not have a battery as power supply.

Vladislava Kokurkina
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  • It supports up to 4 batteries
  • It can be used with any language


  • It has shell crash problem
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